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How to's & Frequently asked Questions :


To View our auction it is simple, click on the "Current Auctions" on the top links and scroll down to categories, you can either click on the number to the right of the categories which this will list all of the lots in numerical order, or you can select the category which this will list only the items in that specific category in numerical order

Category Selection


To Register, Click on the "Online Registering" in the top header, fill in the required fields then click on submit, once your information is submitted then you will be emailed a bidders number. If you do not receive your bidder number with in 5 minutes of registering please either give us a call at (763) 631-2237 or give us an email to


When you come to the item that you want to bid on place your current bid amount in the "Your Bid" box, then place the Maximum amount you want to bid in "Your Maximum" Bid Box. The Maximum Bid Amount is the amount that you are willing to pay, this number is not viewable to any one besides yourself. When placing bids you are able to submit multiple bids on one page at the same time.


Once the current pages that you are bidding on is to your satisfactory, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in your bidder number and password and click "Submit"


End of Auction

Once the auction has ended you will be email a total of what you have won. The auction details page has the dates and times that you are required to pick up your items that you have won. If your not sure if you won an item or not send us a message or give us a call

Grouped Extension: (More Information)

Occasionally we will use the grouped extension bidding feature. All auction lots in this auction have been placed in an extension group. Any bid within the last three minutes of bidding for an auction lot that causes an automatic extension of bidding on that auction lot will automatically extend the bidding on ALL auction lots in that group. When no more bidding has occurred on any assets in a group for the specified time, then bidding on all assets in that group will close simultaneously.


Frequently asked Questions

Question: The item I am looking at has more than one item, am I bidding on just one item or am I bidding on the whole lot of items
Answer: You are bidding on the whole lot, we sell all of lots as one lot and not split up.

Question: I want to bid on an item but can't make it there during the scheduled pickup times?
Answer: Give us a call, we may be able to make special arrangements, but DO NOT bid unless you have prior approval from us first.

Question: I have entered a wrong bid amount on an item can it be retracted.
Answer: Yes and No, we will retract a bid if it shows as an obvious mistake, for example if the item is at $10 and you bid $1000, then yes we will retract the bid, but if you have bid on and we deem it to be a honest bid, and the buyer has just changed there mind, then we will not retract the bid. also any bid with-in the final 24 hours we will not remove any bids.

Question: I bid X amount of dollars on an item and I was out bid, is there any way that I can extend my bid when I am not at my computer?
Answer: Yes, you can place your bid in the "Your Bid" box and put a Maximum bid in the other box, the maximum bid is the amount you are willing to go up to, Your bid will increase according to the bidding increments of the auction to your maximum bid amount.

Question: I understand that this is an online auction is there a way to place a bid with out being online?
Answer: No, we do our auctions online only, if you do not have internet you can use Public Library's or other places that have public access to the internet.

Question: Is this auction secure, when I submit my information to AcesBid?
Answer: Yes your information is secure we use 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure a secure data transfer. We store your information in a secure database.